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5 Roommate-Friendly Floor Plans

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on October 3, 2017

Five Roommate-Friendly Floor Plans Featured ImagePeople often think of buying their first home as the step that comes after getting married, but it's just not the case anymore. In fact, more and more singles are seeing the benefits of home ownership. By building up some equity from a young age rather than throwing your money away on rent, you’re able to save up a bigger down payment for when it’s time to buy that large family home.

Five Roommate-Friendly Floor Plans Bedroom ImageYou’ll have to qualify for the home on your own, but a roommate can help take on some of the costs. Fortunately, some of the floor plans StreetSide offers are extremely roommate-friendly. These homes are particularly well-suited to those who don’t necessarily want to foot the whole mortgage bill on their own but would still like the amount of privacy you expect as an adult.

The Robson – Altius

The Robson floor plan is almost 1,300 square feet. You and your roommate will both have space to park your cars in the attached garage, with additional storage room on this  level. The walk-in pantry offers plenty of space for roommates who want to keep their food items separate. Just note which shelves belong to whom. The best part about the Robson model, though, is that it has two separate master suites. Each roommate is able to have his or her own private bathroom. One of the bedrooms has a walk-in closet, but the other has two separate closets, so it evens out.

This model is currently available in the communities of CrystallinaCy Becker, McLaughlinSkyview, Tamarack,  and the Uplands. These areas appeal to young people and are close to a variety of shopping and entertainment options.

Five Roommate-Friendly Floor Plans Essex ImageThe Essex – Altius

The two bedrooms in the Essex floor plan also have ensuites, though one of the suites is a bit more luxurious. The master ensuite has double sinks and a separate space for the toilet, while the ensuite in the smaller bedroom has a single sink, along with a toilet and bath in the one room. This layout may be especially appealing in a situation where a couple is sharing the home with a friend. On the main floor, there’s a large kitchen with a centre island. This makes it easier when you have multiple roommates trying to cook at the same time.

Look for this model in Crystallina, Cy Becker, McLaughlin, Skyview, Tamarack and the Uplands. The Skyview neighbourhood is particularly popular because it’s closer to the downtown area, and the condos here offer rooftop terraces.

Olympia – Aloft Skyview

The Olympia floor plan is a single-floor plan for a condo, but it certainly doesn’t lack in space. If you choose this floor plan, you and your roommate will enjoy a large foyer with a closet big enough for everyone’s coats. The master suite is by far the better arrangement, with a walk-in closet, an ensuite, and entrance to the balcony, but the second bedroom does have a walk-in closet of its own. There is a full bathroom for your roommate to use, and you may want to allow him or her full use of the den next to that second bedroom to make up for the lack of ensuite.

Alexandria – The Crossroads of Rutherford

At just under 1,000 square feet, the Alexandria floor plan might sound small, but you’ll quickly see it doesn’t feel cramped. Best of all, it’s affordable, so you can feel confident knowing you’ll be able to afford it if you can’t find a roommate right away. You’ll love the luxury that comes with having an ensuite in your bedroom and access to the balcony from your room. While the second bedroom doesn’t have an ensuite, there is a bathroom just outside the door. With a large pantry closet and a laundry room, you’ll find this is a big step up from most apartments.

The McCarran and McCarran II - The Crossroads of Rutherford

The McCarran and the McCarran II are mirror images of each other, and they both work really well for roommate situations because the bedrooms are on opposite ends of the home. This gives each person the privacy he or she really wants while allowing you both to save on housing costs. There’s a walk-in closet at the entryway, so you have plenty of storage space, and the deck is large enough to host a gathering with a few friends. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for an affordable home that works for roommates.

You don’t have to be ready to settle down to start looking at nice, new homes. Condos are the perfect solution for young adults who are interested in owning a home but perhaps aren’t ready for all of the additional responsibilities that come with a detached home. The floor plans we’ve described are just a few of the styles StreetSide offers. Stop by one of our communities today to get a glimpse of what our show suites look like. You’ll be amazed at how affordable it can be to own your own home, especially when you have a roommate helping out with mortgage payments.

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