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The Advantages of Bungalow Living

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on May 28, 2020

valens-sh-blog-01A bungalow is a single floor home with spacious rooms throughout its floor plan. This home design is growing in popularity with retirees and empty-nesters who want to downsize their lives from their large, single-family home. If you've been looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle combined with modern living and the best amenities, read on to discover why bungalow-living might be perfect for you. 

Easy Accessibility and Aging-in-Place

The single floor design of a bungalow makes it easy to get around and clean without having to navigate stairs - just think, you'll never have to cart your vacuum or laundry from level to level again. Single floor living also makes bungalows an especially attractive option for seniors who may have mobility issues or downsizers who no longer require multiple rooms to house their belongings. 

Cavanagh-38An Open, Inviting Floor Plan

A bungalow’s design is open and inviting - adding to their convenience and accessibility. For example, with StreetSide's Valens floor plan, your kitchen opens into the dining area allowing you to chat with friends and family while preparing a meal. In addition, the open kitchen design makes it easier to get bring meals to your guests in the dinette, or out onto the deck during the warmer Edmonton months.

A spacious living room is another great feature included in the open design of a bungalow such as that offered by the 1,568 square foot Lewis model. Family members and friends hanging out in the living room can easily talk with others in the dining area. The open areas in a bungalow encourage lots of lively conversation!

Convenient for Parents 

Bungalow living isn't just for downsizers, seniors or retirees. If you’re a parent, you may like the idea of being able to hear your children wherever they’re playing in the house. Whether they are in the kitchen making a snack or in the living room playing a game, the single floor design of your home will make it a lot easier to hear what they’re up to. 

Many models, such as the Silvertone for example, even come with the option for a finished basement. This means you can look forward to additional family space in the basement in the form of a rec room and family room, as well as a third bedroom, bathroom, and extra storage. 

Great for Entertaining Guests

If you like to have friends stay over at your home, a bungalow is especially inviting. You can create a guest room out of the second bedroom where they can enjoy easy access to the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the home while maintaining their privacy. And, as we mentioned, the open floor plan makes it easy for your guests to chat and converse. 

Easy to Heat and Cool

A single floor home is relatively easy and inexpensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summertime. Because there are fewer floors to heat or cool in a bungalow, your HVAC system won’t have to run as long or as much as it would in a two or three-story home. The warm or cool air simply travels over one floor and doesn’t have to reach upper or lower floors in order to keep everyone comfortable.

Plenty of Privacy

A bungalow built on a spacious lot provides its owners with lots of privacy. In short, your home won’t be right up next to your neighbour’s home! This is a favourable feature if you like maintaining your privacy while living in a pleasant neighbourhood.

Cavanagh-22Attractive Bungalows in Beautiful Neighborhoods

Beautiful new bungalows are available in many of the best Edmonton communities. Live in a quiet, friendly neighbourhood such as Ambleside, Windermere, Cavanagh or Edgemont - all just a short drive from stores, businesses and services. Plus, the variety of internal amenities available make life pleasant and comfortable. These might include:

  • Plenty of counter and cabinet space
  • A fireplace
  • Modern, high-quality finishes 
  • Walk-in closets
  • Three and four piece en-suites
  • A veranda or deck

Attractive to Buyers

Another reason to consider a bungalow is its appeal to potential buyers and potential for resale value - for all the reasons mentioned above. The beautiful exterior of this type of home has the power to draw people in and the single floor design makes it appealing to a variety of buyers and others who want to find a home they can continue to live in even if their mobility challenges. 

We've outlined just a few of the many reasons why bungalow living might be right for you. To really get an understanding of the affordability, convenience and appeal of these low-maintenance homes, visit any one of our show homes today! We'd love to tell you more. 

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