Condo Living: 8 Amenities to Look Forward To

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on December 12, 2017

Buying a condo is the perfect way to get started with homeownership. You get to build equity in a home you own without having to worry about many of the responsibilities you take on when buying a single-family house.

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Saving with StreetSide: Our Down Payment Plan

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on December 5, 2017

You’ve been working diligently to come up with a down payment for your first home, but sometimes it feels like you’ll never have enough. Surprisingly, you don’t necessarily need to have the full down payment in order to get started on the process of buying a new home

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Edmonton’s Upcoming Events for December

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on November 28, 2017

The snow might be starting to pile up, but there are still plenty of activities to keep you entertained throughout the city of Edmonton. Naturally, you’re going to find a lot of holiday-related fun, but we think you’ll enjoy at least a few of the options on our list.

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7 Ways Downsizing Saves You Money

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on November 21, 2017

As your children move on in their adult lives, you start to find yourself in a home that feels a little too empty. It’s hard to give up the home you raised your children in, and many people want to have extra space for when the kids – and grandkids – come back to visit. Still, it’s usually impractical to have a large house when it’s just one or two of you most of the time. Think about the ways downsizing can save you money, and you’ll start to see it can be a great idea.

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Top 6 Best Things About Living in Crystallina

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on November 14, 2017

Anyone who wants to purchase a new home is looking for the perfect blend of convenience, access to amenities, and affordability. Fortunately, the community of Crystallina offers all of these benefits. With many years of experience, StreetSide Developments has perfected the art of building townhomes and communities that attract people just like you. 

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10 Winter Hacks You Gotta Try

Posted by Vanessa Freeman on November 7, 2017

Thanks to the premium materials used in new builds, your new home is going to be warmer than any other home you’ve lived in. However, there are still some things you can do for some extra warmth and comfort this season. 

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